Fishing in the Florida Keys

Florida Keys FishingThe blue water reefs of Florida Keys are legendary. It ranks among the top ten best deep-sea fishing locations in the world and is a fishing mecca. It is no wonder most fishermen who've been there keep coming back and others aspire to experience the magic. It is a place where fishing enthusiasts and professionals alike meet to fish to their limits. The most exciting thing about the Keys is the availability of fish in all seasons. It would be difficult finding a more suitable fishing location anywhere else. If fishing is what you crave, the location has all the prime assets that you desire. You could hunt for the big catch at night, or the bonefish in the back country, or catch some fly casting near the shores. Whatever you need, Florida Keys has it.

The Fishing Capital of Florida

The Florida Keys provides a unique fishing experience for fishers all year long. It is such an amazing fishing ground because of the unique arrangement of limestone islands at the Dry Tortugas. The anglers are very well placed for an epic fishing experience. The Florida Bay or the Backcountry is the habitat for some of the most popular fish such as Tarpon, Redfish and Bonefish. A little further ashore is the Gulf of Mexico. The Atlantic Ocean lies to the east and fisherman who love the deeps find plenty of sailfish, swordfish, and marlin. Moreover, there is no other location where swordfish is caught in broad daylight, but that is a hefty challenge to even the most experienced anglers. Book Florida Keys Fishing Charters

Fish varieties

Commonly, fishermen at the Florida Keys catch the reef's yellowtail snapper and mutton snapper. In the wrecks, the grouper and amberjacks are prevalent, but you will still find a few in the reefs. The most common offshore species are the Mahi and blackfin tuna. Finally, the redfish, mangrove snapper, bonefish and permit are located at the bay. The sheer abundance of fish in the locations make the Keys so popular. Florida Keys' biggest Marlin catch weighed a staggering 1046 pounds.

Fishing in the Florida Keys

The islands of Florida Keys are the dream of every fisherman. Whether you are seeking to catch some bonefish or tuna, the method to use depends on it.

Deep Sea or Offshore Fishing

The deep sea is only about five miles from the shore, reaching depths of about 200 meters. Further ashore, about 17 miles out, the depths average at about 2000 feet deep. It is the perfect ground for hunting blue and white marlin, sailfish, kingfish, dolphins, sharks, and barracuda among others.

Reef Fishing

If all you need is a good catch of permits and snappers, there are plenty of them in the corals and patch reefs. You might even get lucky and find some sharks or barracudas. Book Florida Keys Fishing Charters

Bridge Fishing

You do not have to ride a boot to catch some fish! There are several bridges along the Overseas Highway where you can pick scout for fish if you have the licence.

Party Boats

Party boats are cost-effective and convenient. You can easily walk to one of the charter services and enjoy a day of fishing without prior preservation.


Fishing at the Florida Keys requires a saltwater fishing licence that can be obtained at one of the tackle shops at the shore or online at However, when using a backcountry boat, you can share the captain's licence, which is very convenient.

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